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Burning Field

Mila Panic
Jan 5 – 17, 2018

The video work, Burning Field, presents the field which is supposed to be mine one day, as a family inheritance. The fire is to burn crops and weeds after the autumn harvest, to clear and fertilise the land for next year, or at least we believe so.

What is my responsibility towards my heritage? To the whole timeline and the stories that are incorporated into this landscape?

One of our deepest needs is for a sense of identity and belonging. A common denominator in this is a human attachment to landscape and how we find identity in landscape and place. Through living in it, the landscape becomes part of us, just as we are part of it. 

In the video which was recorded in real time, one can see the slowly changing landscape with light fading away. The longer one watches the more intense their anxiety and lethargy becomes. Duration becomes a coefficient of the weight.

The gravity of the landscape is heavier and the landscape becomes remote, yet the observer begins to understand the remoteness of the place.