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There is only one button on the top floor

Antonia Wetzel
Jul 15 – Sep 15, 2022

The artist creates an immersive mural to draw you into their memories of 6 months in South Africa. A story told in fragments and thoughts, inviting you to put the pieces together yourself. A wild ride of sex, drugs, Jiu-Jitsu, friendship, South African wine, dying pot plants, sun over clouded mountains and overall busy life as an artist living far from home.

Antonia Wetzel is a Berlin / Cape Town based artist working with different media, ranging from painting, print and mural to performance and pornographic film. She graduated from design and psychology and pursued a Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Art at the Michaelis School of Art in Cape Town. Her work revolves around the question of shame and vulnerability, framed within a queer-feminist perspective and situated in the context of post-porn discourse. Her performances have been shown in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig and Johannesburg. She has been granted Artist Residencies in Leipzig and Berlin and received a DAAD stipend for the year 2022.