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Fair grounds

Minhye Chu
Mar 23 – Apr 18, 2018

The exhibition presents works that document the deconstruction of the Ferris Wheel at Augustusplatz, Leipzig in December 2015 and 2017. They focus on a worker who dismantles the metal construction piece by piece. He climbs through the wheel and does the same hand movements for each segment. The whole process takes seven hours and is done by night. Normally we don't see this process and we perceive the wheel as a whole. We overlook the single parts of which it consists and the hard physical work that is necessary to build it.The construction and deconstruction is happening "behind the scenes" of the fairground. Even though the Ferris Wheel is a huge construction, it is ephemeral and can be re-build at various places. The fairground is not a static ground at all, but mobile.