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Kohlgartenstr. 51 Interior Construct.

David Dunne
May 14 – 22, 2020

David Dunne’s work manifests in the interconnection between art, nature,
science and technology. Dunne’s practice embraces Installation, Sculpture, Video,
and Live art. The point of departure is through expropriation, entropy and

His work has been influenced by the Arte Povera movement in making site-
specific interventions evolving from ideas of entropy, working with the notion of

chaos, collapse and transformation.
Utilizing steel, wood, foam and low–tech archival electrical elements, this
exchange of materials informs an intuitive response to particular archaic
industrial situations and natural site-specific environments. In the retrieval of
obsolescence he is interested in taking risks with a range of materials and
interactions that can render new values.

In his recent work he has developed a series of installations that challenge non-
traditional spaces through intervention and participant interaction

Helmut is proud to be a venue participating in the Art Go East festival.