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The Monk’s Room, (Cell 13-1)

Anna Cambier
Norns Collective
Mar 29 – Apr 26, 2024

Within the confines of Cell 13-1, designated as the monk's rooms, an intricate internal tableau unfolds, symbolising the 13 gateways into the female body. Each gateway perceives the external realm uniquely and is guarded by protectors whose watchfulness varies, with some guardians who venture beyond, leaving the body vulnerable to external intrusion. The monk's rooms, abstract and seemingly boundless structures, undergo constant transformation—a blend of inner and outer realities of a young woman.
 Through three-dimensional paintings, collages and poetic monologues Anna Cambier and Norns Collective reshape the exhibition space into an enterable cell. This space encapsulates the intricate struggles of a young woman, caught in a perpetual dance between melancholy and the zest for life.