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After Berlin

Anna Kolosova
Apr 22 – 23, 2016

With energetic force Anna Kolosava bridges the gap between life and art by creating the possibility to actually enter the work. One becomes part of the work or witnesses the transformation as others do.

Anna lived in Riga, Latvia until the age of 12, when her family moved to Moscow. For the past 8 years she has lived in London where she fell in love with American postwar art. Where Rauschenberg blurred the boundaries bewteen painting and scultpture, Anna adds performance, participation and theatre to the mix.

Last year she visited Berlin. This awakened something deep within her. The mix of Germanic and postwar Russian architecture of her childhood made Berlin feel like home immediately. She had gone there for parties and art and found a feeling of belonging. This liberated her and freed up her concept of space.

Constructing the work on site, in After Berlin, Anna will immersed herself in the former East German city of Leipzig and in Helmut. The work included traces of conversations, local materials, moments shared and drama.