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Till Death Do Us Part

Joanna Winograd
Dec 2 – 20, 2016

Each Tattoo is the symbol of a story, a memory, a prayer. An offering, marked forever on our bodies.

Today, when tattoos are so common, I stage a series of improbable character portraits that could transmit a message through their inscriptions.

Which tattoo would the Virgin Mary have had? And the baby Jesus?

And what about Venus?

The artist and her work:

Having been born in Toulouse (France), raised between Bariloche (Argentina) and Cali (Colombia), studied in Paris and now living in Berlin for 3 years, I have learned how different we are from each other. However, growing up among different cultures has also shown me how being surrounded by these differences can enrich us by allowing us to learn and adapt/adopt. I mix different influences, contributions of different cultures, religions and beliefs in my work.

Religious images and Latin American art are my main sources of inspiration. But my artwork, paintings and drawings try to show a critical view of the established religions, and invite everyone to make their own interpretation of the recurring symbols in my work, and even to create their own religion.The theme of gender also appears in my work. Beyond equality, I am interested in the differences that define us as women.