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Es ist wochenende

Felix Brenner
Feb 11 – Mar 25, 2022

"It's the weekend. We go to a bar in the east of Leipzig. Just before we arrive, we are approached by one of the people we saw more often during the summer; an artist whose video installation included the Susan Sontag quote, 'Today everything exists only to end in a photograph.'

The moment he leaves, we arrive. The bar is almost empty, the ceilings high and the air not smoky. It seems like the party is almost over for today and I still sit down and order the last beer; not because I can't drink anymore, but because the bartender is working late. This place has colorful LED strips and Warsteiner beer from mugs. I sit down next to an acquaintance who says that this place was packed earlier. I think that probably had little to do with quality. After we finish our drinks, he asks me if we want to continue on. I say yes, and we away we go."