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Marks of Movement.

Raul Saldariaga
Jan 6 – 10, 2017

Marks of movement is a participatory system which translates the movement of different kinds of sound and visual images, into the autonomous language of its principles: choreographic objects and choreographic spaces.

This interactive space makes movement visible and shows the body as a nonstop motion object. It brings to light the invisible links that connect the individual with with its surroundings and shows how the body transcends the space it inhabits.

Raul Saldarriaga (Colombia, 1982) Dancer and choreographer, finished his studies in “interactive media and environments” Fine arts Master at Hanze University Groningen of Applied Sciences. His choreographies and interactive-installations have been shown at festivals and theaters worldwide and won several prizes. Raul often collaborates with other artists and his work ranges from visual interactive images to ecological relation systems (public, performers and choreographer are in the same level. Everyone gives, everyone receives) .

Raul’s work deals with the relation between humans, emphasizes the image as storytelling, and delicately explores relationships between body and technology.