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I spy with my little eye

HGB Erasmus
Jan 22 – 23, 2016

Art students from various countries found themselves in the Erasmus program at HGB at the same time. The people at Helmut also randomly found themselves together having answered a call on Facebook to save the space. When the artists approached us for their project, "I spy with my little eye", we couldn't think of a better way to start our exhibition program.

Helmut was the first of two locations in which HGB Erasmus students interrogated the limits and possibilities of their (non)identity as "we". For one week they worked in the space as the space was being used for Helmut's purposes. They reacted to the space itself, as well as the challenge of working on something as a group. How does one retain one's self when collaborating? Is it even necessary when working for the greater good?

"I spy with my little eye" commemorated new experiences, meeting new people from different horizons and celebrated of life, youth and art.



Delphine Plas (BEL)


Zane Zlemeša (LVA)


Renée Heyde (BEL)


Lieselotte Egtberts Tijdelijk, (NL)


Marjolein Guldentops (BEL)


Juli Laczkoe, (HU)


Séverine Bertschi, (SZ)


Pnilla Grnbrg, (FIN)


Petra Roubalová,(CZ)


Owen Cole, (UK/FR)


Julia Sendra.(FR/BR)