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Fictional Dull

Spine Collective
Feb 8 – 19, 2017

Cologne-based artist collective, Spine focuses on cross-linking their different art forms: photography, fine art and movement.

Anna Budniewski (photography), Franca Scholz (fine art), Silke Schuster (dance) and Sophia Seiss (dance) are redefining how they work within their own indivdual fields; questioning practices, approaches and the power structures that lie within them. They seek to relate content and form to theory and practice - in hope of creating a new bodily experience as well as a new form of expressing and understanding.

Spine's work is inspired by the theoretical discourses of Donna Harraway and Rosi Braidotti on one side and in the more sensitive, personal and female centric writings of Kathy Acker and Chris Kraus on the other.

The foundation of the work is to create situations where these discourses and the collective's physical bodies can meet in a concrete space within a concrete frame of time, thus allowing something new to emerge.

Anna Budniewski is currently studying photography at the Folkwang University of Fine Arts in Essen.

Franca Scholz, an artist, recently graduated from „Kunstakademie Düsseldorf“ at Rita McBride.

Silke Schuster and Sophia Seiss are professional dancers studying at the Center for Contemporary Dance in Cologne.

Spine, Fictional Dull, performance in 4 acts, Helmut, Leipzig, Germany 2017, photo courtesy of the collective