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Every Whimsical Thought That Goes Through My Mind

Elizabeth Challinor
Jul 5 – Aug 28, 2019

This installation that takes personal, sometimes secretive thoughts and feelings, and presents them to an audience in a way that makes them feel vague and confusing, purposely not revealing the content so you can form your own perceptions about what I’m talking or thinking about. With the work taking mostly written form, I look at how I can actively distract and disrupt the audience from reading what is in front of them, and how I can make the space seem as empty and intangible as possible. I’ve had an ongoing fascination with Yves Klein, specifically his piece “The Void”, which really pushed me towards exploring emptiness and invisibility in my own work, and wanting to figure out how I can combine this with my already existing ideas to create interesting pieces of work.  With this installation, I really got into the idea that I’m not actually making a ‘thing’, but more of a presence, or a mood, or an atmosphere which we are made aware of through the strobing lights and through physically standing in the space surrounded by writing on the wall. To me, this highlighted the significance of Henri Lefebvre’s notion, featured in "The Production of Space" (1974), of how a space needs an object inside it in order to exist as a space, as I am literally putting something into the space to make it a space, giving it the presence of my work and my thoughts, but not physically altering it or giving anything tangible to it.