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not alone 2.0

Maeshelle West-Davies
Mar 11 – Apr 8, 2022

April 2020 found much of the world going into lockdown due to the Corona virus pandemic. not alone, created in June, addressed the way we reached out during our time alone. Two years later we have found ourselves in and out of captivity. Personal relationships have changed for better or worse. Political stances have become stronger. Are we standing in a pile of rubble or building something new with it? 

The virus is not the only danger. More and more our view of the outside world reflects our state of mind. Algorithms intensify our fears, hopes, desires and passions. Click on one smiling rescued squirrel and get lots of heart warming animal stories in your feed. Get into a death scroll of conspiracy theory and you may find yourself on trial for storming the capitol of the United States.

not alone 2.0 is a durational performance in which two musicians and a dancer find themselves isolated and caught in an algorithm controlled by artist maeshelle west-davies. It will be performed live at the vernissage 11 March. Afterwards the rooms will remain as installation pieces with footage from the vernissage playing on monitors.

funded by KulturAmt Leipzig

jonathan kolski, dance
l'amicale du grand hôtel abgrund, sound