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on skin and screens

Franziska Ostermann
Oct 29 – Nov 17, 2021

When my hands touch the cold glossy face of my phone everything feels the same. Beneath my fingertips, all materials and objects merge to one, become subjects to the glass. Bodyless figures gather together below the surface. Rush under, keep over. Feelings and words, images and code. Skin slides. At the tip of my index finger I feel their beat. Emotions break their way through the glass, form sharp edges and cross my skin. In the stream of internet I float.

The exhibition on skin and screens explores the relation between the human body and digital devices. How do the two surfaces, corporeal skin and glassy screens, relate and connect? On the threshold that is the touch-screen dimensions merge: the real turns into the virtual and vice versa. What else is shifting its shape when this act is performed? What happens to deep human emotions when they are communicated through devices? The photographic montages are printed behind acrylic glass. This materiality is based on the aesthetics of displays and thus places the presented images in a context between digitality and reality.