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Magical Zoo

Yulia Shtern
Feb 26 – Mar 17, 2021

We have to urgently re-examine our relationship with nature. Magical Zoo, a series of sculptures begun in 2016, focuses on sustainability and environmental preservation.

The medium is post consumer up-cycled materials, such as packaging of various household goods. These materials are typically designed to quickly circulate through a consumer's home, serving only a short-term purpose of 'convenience'. Meanwhile the real, hidden life of these items both before they enter our homes and after they exit them comes at a large environmental cost. With Magical Zoo this cycle is stopped, and they are given a new life.  

The subject matter of Magical Zoo is animals. The species depicted are often in crisis, or that are impacted in other ways by their relationship with humans. The sculptures in the series can be seen as decorative and even 'cute'. Upon a closer look they constitute a call for attention and for urgent action.