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The only self I have / series of daily self-portraits

Ludovica Lombardi
Sep 23 – Oct 14, 2022

This project is a fight against definitions and an attempt to find them: what does it mean to be a person? What does it mean to be young, to be old, to be blonde, to be tall? Am I the space enclosed by my skin, or do I exist somewhere else, too? Who I am depends on the point of view, on who asks, on the moment in time this question exists, on the coordinates in space that I and that who sees me occupy. In a desperate attempt to find the limits that define herself, and to break free from them, by existing as an identity outside of her own body and mind, Ludovica Lombardi drew a self-portrait every day. She shared her intimate moments and thoughts, her feelings, her body and her face. Not because she found them special or particularly interesting, but because they are the only thing she had. In the hope to get out of herself, with the exhibition at Helmut she wants to give people the opportunity to enter her head and her body. This is a stopped-and-then-started-again, always-ongoing, never-finishing, experiment of sharing what is usually not shared, to create a form of one-sided intimacy. Ultimately, this is a scream into the endless void that existence can feel like sometimes. This is me.