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Monika Balu
Apr 28 – May 17, 2017

Father 2015
A portrait of a life lived on one’s own terms. Each day Monika’s father drives 60 kilometers from his village home to work in the bustling capital of Lithuania and back again. Though for many the two hours of continuous monotony would be a drudgery, for him it’s worth it.

Laundry 2015/16
While people in Japan are not immediately forthcoming with talking about personal things, Monika was fascinated by their casual attitude towards hanging their laundry outside, even their intimate wear. One learns much more about them from looking at their balcony than from talking to them.

Perspective 2016
In Japan Wabi-sabi aesthetic is a part of the culture. Where the Western world values youth, they value wisdom. A well worn old table is preferred to a shiny new one. Monika shot these images in an abandoned traditional hotel to show the beauty in light and dark, used and unused.