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時を待つ wait for time to come ...

Ayumi Adachi
Jun 30 – Sep 15, 2023

時を 待 つ wait for time to come... is an installation work and incorporates a transformation from 2D to 3D. We still await the invisible time. ... Chance, Luck, Opportunity, Future, Setsuna ... During waiting, we have communication barriers and complicated interaction. Ayumi Adachi expresses the circumstances of human life that occur each Setsuna and the circulation of these moments in her exhibition 'wait for time to come'.

Note: Setsuna is the Japanese expression of Ksana. In Buddhism, ksana is a tiny unit which is used to measure time. The Setsuna cycle shows that all kind of things happen all the time, but often elude our awareness.  Therefor “Born, Live, Die” loops stay in the human unconsciousness.